Crosby Lake Farm

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Walterboro, SC   


Sales Policy and New Owner Information

Please feel free to contact us to be on the waiting list for a specific goat(s) or a goat from a specific breeding(s) and we will let you know if we end up with what you are looking for. We no longer keep a non-specific waiting list or a waiting list for pet wethers. Wethers are sold on a first come, first served basis only. We do not keep a waiting list for pets. Our Facebook group, Crosby Lake Farm, will provide the most up to date information in regards to what is available. 

To hold a goat for more than 24 hours, you must put down a NONREFUNDABLE $50 deposit. Deposits are accepted by PayPal or cash ONLY, and only hold your chosen goat for one week. After one week, if you would still like to purchase the goat and not forfeit your deposit, there is a $5 daily fee for boarding. PayPal deposits MUST be sent Friends and Family/Personal. If they are sent in any other way that results in fees being charged, we will refund your deposit. 

The remaining balance must be paid in cash at pick up. Do not arrive with a check, PayPal, or other method of payment. Cash is all that will be accepted. 

Kids will be sold on bottles only. We do not dam raise for buyers. We will be happy to bottle feed your kid(s) at our boarding rate of $5 per day, per kid plus the cost of milk/supplements/vaccines/other routine maintenance. Kids will go home on goat milk, cow milk, or a combination of the two. You will be given enough of what is being used to slowly transition to the milk of your choosing. Our first choice is goat milk, with cow milk coming in at a close second. We do not recommend replacers of any kind or goat milk from untested animals. If you chose either of those options, we will not be available for advice on further care. We use red Pritchard teats and/or human baby bottles with an x cut in the nipple and suggest buyers having both on hand when bringing home goat kid(s).

Kids will be disbudded and tattooed before leaving. Under no circumstances will we allow any kid to keep horns. 

First time goat owners will receive a suggested care sheet with basic information on what we do here at Crosby Lake Farm as well as all registration documents, if applicable. PLEASE read the care sheet well. 

We do NOT, under any circumstances, sell single goats to single goat homes. You MUST purchase at least two goats if you do not already have others. 


Wethers are fixed male goats and make the best pets. They are always $100 each and must be brought back to be wethered around 7 weeks of age. It is up to the buyer to contact us to make arrangements when the buck is of age. If the buyer does not contact us in a timely manner and the buck becomes too old to wether by the banding method, then the buyer will have to make other arrangements. A buck sold as a $100 wether is never intended to be used as breeding stock and we are NOT responsible for the animal if you choose to keep it intact. There will be NO replacements given if a buck sold as a wether cannot reproduce. If you are looking for a breeding animal, we suggest choosing an available registered buck. 

Registered kids are $300+. We will not sell a doe kid, as a pet, "without papers", and at a discounted rate unless she has a conformational defect, in which case the cost of the kid will be $200. Please do not tell us you "don't need papers" or "don't care about papers". We do not discount goats for someone not wanting papers. While we do offer pet wethers often, we do not offer pet quality does or bucks to be used for breeding at a discounted rate. Prices listed are non-negotiable unless otherwise noted. 

Due to not monitoring the care received once leaving our farm, we cannot guarantee goats once they leave the property, unless the goat is proven by a veterinarian to have a defect that would have been present prior to selling. In that case, we will replace the goat after the return of the original goat's registration and within 12 months of purchase. Refunds will not be given, only replacements of comparable quality. 

When taking bottle kids (or even adult goats) home, it would be best to keep them in a small, escape proof area for the first few days until they are acclimated to their new surroundings. Stress is a serious health concern for goats;  minimizing stress levels is key to good heath. 

General Goat Care

For BASIC goat nutritional requirements, we suggest a pelleted goat feed and alfalfa pellets fed daily and mixed in equal parts. There are lots of other things you can purchase to add and make a ration that suits your animals' needs. As time goes on, you will have to research and feed what works for you in the amounts that work for you. All goats need clean, fresh hay at all times. Water is a necessity. Even kids going home on a bottle at a few days old need to have access to hay, feed, and water.

Goats also need minerals. The easiest minerals to find are Manna Pro loose goat minerals from Tractor Supply. Blocks should not be used at the main mineral source, only loose minerals that are fed free choice in a feeder should be the main source. We supplement with selenium and copper, both can be purchased through Jeffers and other places online. 

We also suggest you have dewormers and a coccidia treatment on hand prior to bringing a goat home. Lots of times, goat kids will need a coccidia treatment of some sort before they are weaned. Most coccidia medications are prescription only so be sure to take that into consideration. We usually give dimethox at 3, 6, and 9 weeks of age. 

IF YOU ARE BUYING A WETHER, please be sure to provide adequate minerals that contain ammonium chloride, as well as feed that contains ammonium chloride. This is the best way to prevent urinary calculi. Please research this if you are not familiar with it. 

Occasionally, goats get lice. This usually happens in the spring, but can happen anytime. At Crosby Lake Farm, we use a permethrin based fly spray applied down the spine, Cylence, or injected ivermectin. While they can be life threatening if not treated, it is normal. External parasites can come in on straw, bedding, shavings, or other goats. Do not be alarmed if you notice lice on your goats, but treat them as soon as you see them. We recommend checking for lice at least twice a month during the Winter/Spring, and at longer intervals during the warmer months. 

When buying a bottle kid, please follow our directions exactly. Some goats go home eating more than others, so there is not a one-size-fits all description of how to feed bottle goat kids. Typically, kids work their way up to 24-32 ounces per DAY, divided between 2-4 bottles depending on the availability of the buyer. No matter how much the kid is eating when it leaves the farm, the buyer needs to be sure to make any changes SLOWLY over time. Any abrupt changes will cause unnecessary stress to the kid. 

Available Goats

Please join our Facebook group Crosby Lake Farm for the most up to date information. I post all available goats there, and then eventually update this site as time allows. Most of the time, available kids don't make it to this website because I am able to update Facebook so much faster and kids are sold from there.