Crosby Lake Farm

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Walterboro, SC   

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Betty is pictured on the left, Wilma in the middle. These girls are full siblings from Spellcast Farms. Their grandsire is our first LGD, Chevy, who is now an old man and living the high life with a small herd of goats in the upstate. While still very young, I am confident they will become excellent guardians. This is not our first rodeo with LGDs, but it is our first time with 3 puppies without any adults. It has proven to be better than we could have imagined. Betty is friendlier than Wilma and stays near the herd. Wilma is the patroller and is first to bark at threats. They work together extremely well. 

Flint is on the right. He is  3/8 Karakachan, 3/8 Maremma, 1/4 GP / Akbash / Anatolian / Kangal. He is still a very young pup, but has a proven background and we are positive he will be an outstanding LGD. 

We eventually plan to breed, but that tends to be a bit harder with dogs than goats on giving estimated dates. It is likely both of the girls will whelp in 2020, but we cannot say for certain. Puppies will be $350. They will be born and raised in the goat barn and exposed to goats and poultry as well as children, pet dogs, gun fire, tractors, cats, and more.